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Poker Learning


There is one fact that all Pro Poker players agree on; that reading quality Poker material is a great place to first learn and then continue to hone your poker skills.

Poker cannot be learnt solely by reading a book, but reading some quality poker stratedgy is a great place to start, and a great foundation to build from.

Nothing can replace years and years of poker experience, but there are some publications out there that will help you to become a much better poker player, in a much much shorter time and below you will find some of these publications.

The Theory of Poker: David Sklansky
This is a great first book for inexperienced players, whilst also being a must read for intemediate and advanced players. It explains the game in a straight forward fashion and introduces some key concepts such as "The Fundamental Theory of Poker". The book also discusses more advanced concepts such as calculating pot odds and stratedgies for advanced poker play. Sklansky is a brilliant poker player and this book is an excellent read. Study this book before risking your money at the tables.
Harrington on Hold 'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments; Strategic Play: Dan Harrington
Another must read. This is an excellent book dealing specifically with No-Limit Hold'em tournament play. Contained within this book are expert principles that can be applied to all types of Hold'em, as well as other variants of Poker. This is the first volume in a 2 book series. Harrington introduces new players to the game and goes on to discuss every aspect of the game in great detail.
Harrington on Hold'em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments; Endgame: Dan Harrington
This is the 2nd book in Dan Harrington's 2 part series. The 2nd book is equally as good as the first. It builds on the first book, taking readers through various situations they may encounter in a NLH tournament. Dan discusses many advanced poker techniques and concepts through-out the 2 books. 2 of the best poker books around, great for begginners and advanced players alike. Harrington is a genius and an idol to many, read this book.
Caro's Book of Poker Tells: Mike Caro
The famed book by Mike Caro that deals with one of the key skills needed in Poker - picking up on Tells. This book will show you the common Tells that people unwittingly display and how to pick up on them. What could be more useful in a Poker game than being able to tell whether what your opponent is saying with is his bet, is actually the truth. The information in this book is extremely extremely useful.
Doyle Brunson's Super System II: Doyle Brunson
Dolly Brunson's book...What more can I say? Well this is actually his 2nd book. This second version of his world re-nound book is actually just an updated reprint of his original work. Featured in this updated book are some of the greatest poker players in the world, Doyle has approached many of his colleagues and friends to contribute to the book. A must read for all poker player's - this is the original Poker Bible.
Play Poker Like the Pros: Phil Hellmuth
'The Poker Brat' as he is known, lets you in on some of the secrets of the Pro's. Hellmuth is one of the true greats of the game and his book reflects this. Much of the content in this book has been covered in other poker books, but ofcourse Phil stamps his undeniable print over it, adding another dimension to well established poker theory. In the book Hellmuth unleashes his 'Animal Types', his unique player classification method. Are you an Elephant, Mouse, Jackal or Lion? Read this book to find out, and perhaps one day you will become Hellmuth's poker animal of animals - the Eagle.
More Poker Books


What a great way to study your favourite players from around the world. Another top method of extending your poker knowledge. Now you can witness and re-live the methods taught in the books above - by watching Pro Poker action on DVD.

World Poker Tour DVD - Season 1
WPT season 1 action on DVD. Study your favourite players so that one day you can beat them!
World Poker Tour DVD - Season 2
WPT season 2 action on DVD. Study your favourite players so that one day you can beat them!
Howard Lederer's Poker Secrets of No Limit Hold Em
World class poker player Howard Lederer teaches you how to play like a Pro, in your own lounge room.
Howard Lederer's More Secrets of No Limit Hold 'Em DVD
World class poker player Howard Lederer teaches you how to play like a Pro, in your own lounge room.
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